•         Guangzhou DONGPIN Electronic Co., Ltd. has 13 years of experience in AC DC TV, serving more than 100 solar-related product systems companies in the world, DONGPIN company enjoys a high reputation in the field of low power consumption TV.
            In the past 9 years, DONGPIN Electronics has not stopped the research and innovation in the field of DC low-power LCD TVs.
    Developed   low-power TV with built-in lithium battery;. ~in 2013
    Developed a knob-type power-adjustment TV. ~in 2014
    Developed Solar system TV with built-in lithium battery;~ in 2015,
    Developed remote control adjustable power consumption adjustment energy-saving DC TV ~in 2015
    Developed anti-reverse anti-forward and reverse pass-through controller;~ in 2015,
    Developed  9V-38V wide voltage auto-adaptive controller. ~ in 2015
    Developed ATV + DVB-S2 TV motherboard system;~ in 2016
    Developed a remote-control write software  universal motherboard;~ in 2017
    Developed Internal gain TV signal amplification DC TV ; in 2019
    Developed New ....... ; in 2019
    we will not stop exploring.
            DONGPIN Electronics has won the honorary title of Advanced Taxpayer in Guangzhou for many years, and the contract-honoring and credit-honoring unit in Guangdong Province.
           DONGPIN is definitely an innovation-driven enterprise! With the cooperation of DC TV OEM / ODM, you will be absolutely assured of maintaining a leader of solar TV product.
    CB scheme Product certificate by SGS
    ISO9001 certificate by SGS
    Product quality certificate by INTERTEK