1.General Description(概述)
DP.D3553UC.813 is an integration board of power supply, LED driver and TV board. 该款是电源、恒流驱动、TV 一体的电视板。
DP.D3553UC.813 is an digital and analog TV control board, which is suitable for North America market. 该款方案是一款数模一体电视控制主板,适用于北美洲市场。
DP.D3553UC.813’s USB slot can be used for updating software and playing multimedia, such as MP3 and JPEG.
该款方案的USB 接口可用于软件升级和多媒体播放。
DP.D3553UC.813’s power part is an energy-efficient ultrathin DC-line switching power supply
unit, with max 75W/115VAC input,65 watts multi-output. It fits to 32〞to 46〞LED backlight
TFT panel. 该款方案的电源部分是高效率开关电源,功率最大输入为75W/115VAC,总输出功率为65W,支持32到46寸 LED 背光的TFT 屏。
DP.D3553UC.813 Supports the blue tooth enabled active connected device to play music 支持带蓝牙功能的主动式连接的设备播放音乐

2.Configuration & General Precautions(使用注意事项)
 For safety issue, please keep the board 8.0mm away from metal parts of the TV at least. 基于安全考虑,请在安装时确保板卡与其他金属材料保持 8.0mm 以上的距离。
 Protect the board from static electrostatic in care of damage to the IC. 请使板卡远离静电以免损坏 IC。
 Keep the board away from conductor when it is working. 确保板卡工作时远离导体。
 Don’t press, distort or disassemble the board. 请勿强压、扭曲或拆解板卡。
 Clean the board with soft dry cloth when it’s dirty. 若板卡有污渍,请用干布擦拭。
 Don’t switch on the power supply before panel is correctly connected. 正确连接好屏线前请勿通电。
 Relative humidity:≤80% 相对湿度:≤80%.
 Storage temperature: -10~60°C 储存温度:-10~60°C
 Operation temperature: 0~40°C 工作温度:0~40°C
 The brightness of panel is influenced greatly by temperature, you should measure it after power on 10~30 minutes. 因屏的亮度易受温度影响,请在开机 10~30 分钟后再测量。
 Keep the board surface clean. Check the appearance of the board if there has any defective parts, such as damaged, weighty nick, etc.

3. Standard Configuration (标准配置)
Pictures are for reference only, specific to prevail in kind.

1、Standard configurations above could match any following backlight Spec.
2、Specific backlight current can be selected in the following list according to customer's requirement, and different current can be achieved by changing the software.

5.PCB Dimension