1.General Description(概述)
 DS.D3663LSA.ST1 is an digital TV. 该款是一款数字电视板。
 Supports DVB-T,T2,C,S,S2 MPEG-4 extended ASP up to 1080p@30fps. 该款支持 DVB- DVB-T,T2,C,S,S2;MPEG-4ASP 扩展高达 1080p@30fps 的。
 Supports H.264 MP/HP@L4.1 for SD and HD decoding. 该款支持 H.264 MP/HP@L4.1 为标清和高清解码
 Support HEVC(H.265) main profile 4.0 decoder 该款支持 HEVC(H.265)主类 4.0 解码器
 Supports USB 2.0 multimedia play, supports audio and video play; supports txt and picture browse. 该款支持 USB2.0 多媒体播放,支持音频和视频播放;支持 TXT 和图片浏览。
 Analogue and digital HD port input signal largest support 1080P. 该款是模拟和数字高清端口输入信号最大支持 1080P。
 Support analogue & digital 1000 Pages Teletext. 该款支持模拟和数字 1000 页图文。
 The largest support various TFT-LCD 1920x1080 resolutions module. 该款最大可支持各种 TFT-LCD 分辨率 1920×1080 的模块。
 The HDMI supports 1.4a, the HDCP supports 1.1. 该款 HDMI1.4A 支持的 HDCP 支持 1.1。
 The HDMI channel can support MHL function or ARC function. 该款在 HDMI 通道可支持 MHL 功能或 ARC 功能。
 3-D video noise reduction. 该款是 3-D 视频降噪。
 Enhanced motion adaptive 3D Y/C separation comb filter for NTSC/PAL system. 该款增强的运动自适应 3D Y/ C 分离梳状滤波器支持 NTSC/ PAL 制式。
 Supports USB update. 该款支持 USB 更新。
 Supports Video SDTV at 480i/576i and 480p/576p. 该款支持以 480i/576i 的和 480P/576P 视频 SDTV。
 Supports Video HDTV at 720P and 1080i and 1080P. 该款支持视频在 HDTV720p 和 1080i 和 1080P。
 Supports PC RGB input up to UXGA@60Hz(165MHz).
该款支持 PC RGB 输入高达 UXGA@ 60Hz 时(165MHz 的)。
 Reliable EMC and ESD handle 可靠的EMC和ESD处理

2.Configuration & General Precautions(使用注意事项)
 For safety issue, please keep the board 8.0mm away from metal parts of the TV at least. 基于安全考虑,请在安装时确保板卡与其他金属材料保持 8.0mm 以上的距离。
 Protect the board from static electrostatic in care of damage to the IC. 请使板卡远离静电以免损坏 IC。
 Keep the board away from conductor when it is working. 确保板卡工作时远离导体。
 Don’t press, distort or disassemble the board. 请勿强压、扭曲或拆解板卡。
 Clean the board with soft dry cloth when it’s dirty. 若板卡有污渍,请用干布擦拭。
 Don’t switch on the power supply before panel is correctly connected. 正确连接好屏线前请勿通电。
 Relative humidity:≤80% 相对湿度:≤80%.
 Storage temperature: -10~60°C 储存温度:-10~60°C
 Operation temperature: 0~40°C 工作温度:0~40°C
 The brightness of panel is influenced greatly by temperature, you should measure it after power on 10~30 minutes.
因屏的亮度易受温度影响,请在开机 10~30 分钟后再测量。
 Keep the board surface clean. Check the appearance of the board if there has any defective parts, such as
damaged, weighty nick, etc.

1.Relative humidity ≤80% 相对湿度≤80%
2.Store temperature -10~+60 °C 存储温度-10 ~ + 60°C
Use temperature 0~+40 °C 使用温度0 ~ + 40°C
The procedure of the whole machine assembles and transports need to attend ESD transaction. 整个机器组装和运输的过程需要参加 ESD 交易。
don't be subjected to heavy pressure.
When the whole set assemble, it can down pack or side pack, but don't make the board transform or distort,
6. The hole of each port does not be opened too small, especially the HDMI port hole, avoid the whole set morphing to cause the extrusion of port when installing.
每个端口的孔不要开得太小,尤其是 HDMI 端口孔,避免安装时整体变形导致端口挤压。
7. The hole of RGB socket is recommended the situation of not using the screw stationary on the RGB socket to fix on the structure board.
建议在 RGB 插槽上不使用固定在 RGB 插座上的螺丝固定在结构板上。
8. The connected wire which between the other boards and this board can't be leaded too long, or affect performance and image quality.
9. The whole set inner wires matching reasonable, each connected wire try to not directly cross the PCB board, especially cross over from the main IC, avoid affect the whole set EMC performance.
整套内导线匹配合理,各连接线尽量不直接穿过 PCB 板,特别是从主电路交叉,避免影响整机 EMC 性 能。
10. n order to obtain better EMC effect of the whole set, we suggest the LVDS twisted pair wire between the main board and panel must be tied up well and try to use shielding wire. If it’s possible, try to put on the magnetic belt ring on the wire which near the board terminal.
为了获得更好的整套电磁兼容效果,我们建议主板和面板之间的 LVDS 双绞线必须绑好,并试着使用屏 蔽线。如果可能的话,试着戴上靠近接线板的电线上的磁性带环。
11. The HDMI and HDCP on the main board are all passed the related certifications, but we just provide testing certification of the inner usage standard. If you need to use legal HDMI and HDCP, please apply related association as formal member by yourself.
主板上的接口和 HDCP 都通过了相关认证,但我们只是提供内部使用标准检测认证。如果你需要使用 法律 HDMI 与 HDCP,请自行向相关协会申请。
12. There is ROHS identification on the board and package, the board match ROHS standard.
在板和包装上有 ROHS 标识,板符合 ROHS 标准。