Why is the remote control still using replaceable batteries?

With the advancement of technology, the electronic equipment we use is getting more and more advanced. These electronic equipment have also brought us a more convenient life. Since the rise of lithium batteries, integrated direct charging equipment has become more and more, such as Mobile phones, wireless vacuum cleaners, wireless shavers, and even smart toothbrushes, etc., have been gradually used to charge, and the operation of replacing batteries is unavoidably cumbersome and inconvenient.
Dry batteries are inconvenient and not environmentally friendly. This is a well-known thing, but I believe everyone will find that there will still be a few "bad guys" in our home that look out of place, such as most The remote control still uses the replaceable battery design. Even though lithium batteries have become so popular today, we still have to go to the supermarket to buy dry batteries when the remote control is empty. So why do these devices insist on the design of replacing the batteries? ?
In fact, the most important point is that whether it is an air conditioning remote control or a TV remote control, compared with other devices using recharge technology, the energy consumption is too small.

Generally, the battery management system inside the electronic device judges the remaining power in the battery according to the change in voltage to prevent the battery from over-discharging. Overdischarge refers to that during the discharge of the battery, the battery exceeds the battery's final threshold for discharge. Continued discharge will cause the internal pressure of the battery to increase, and the amount of lithium ions in the positive electrode of the battery will migrate to the negative electrode, causing the structure of the positive electrode material to collapse. , The reversibility of the positive and negative active materials is damaged, which significantly reduces the internal capacity of the battery. The battery management system of mobile phones or other rechargeable devices will ensure that this situation does not occur during use of the device and cannot be started when the power reaches the threshold to avoid damaging the battery capacity.

Different from mobile phones, the remote control consumes very little current and the voltage drops slowly. The voltage affected by these few currents is more difficult to make an accurate determination of the battery's protection circuit than the voltage affected by normal current. When the battery management system has a protective effect, the internal power of the battery is often over-discharged. This loss is extremely harmful to the battery, and it is easy to make this battery a disposable battery.

If the manufacturer wants to build a battery for the remote control, no matter what type of battery is used, it is basically a branch of the lithium battery. To build a lithium battery, it is necessary to raise the low voltage alarm threshold. This series of measures To achieve this, it will inevitably cause an increase in process costs and an increase in technology investment. The remote control itself is only an accessory, and manufacturers will not want to share high-cost remote control in production to share the overall profit. In the real world, there is no interest to promote, and it is very difficult for the industry to undergo major changes.

In fact, in summary, the world is full of benefits, and the world is full of benefits. It is because of cost that it limits the progress of technology. It is also because the iterative meaning of these devices is not high. Dry batteries, after all, do you think that the remote control that has been idle for a long time really needs to iterate to an integrated design with built-in lithium battery?
Release Date:2020-03-31 00:41
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